Presentation at CHIME - October 25, 2023

Presentation at CHIME - October 25, 2023

by Anna Xambó

The CHIME network stands for Computer-Human Interaction and Music nEtwork and is a UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council-funded research network devoted to topics on Music and Human-Computer Interaction.

The CHIME network has been organising a monthly series of talks. The format of the session consists of two speakers who present their work followed by a more general discussion.

I was invited to present our recently started Sensing the Forest (StF) project in the 10th CHIME Seminar, together with Chris Nash, who talked about the first 10 years of the project Manhattan.

Given the early days of the project, I focused the presentation on the contextualisation of the project, as well as the importance of the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team in the search for epistemological cross-pollination, to finally share the ongoing and future actions of the project.

We had interesting questions on ways of contributing to the project, who will be the listeners of our techno-artistic interventions, how are we planning the sonification mappings, and whether the project is planning to have links to educational video games, interactive educational installations, and interaction for education. We were also challenged to perhaps consider establishing a conversation with climate change deniers by locating the interactive artworks in visible venues. We also commented on how the work at the Open University by Prof Yvonne Rogers a decade ago was pioneering on the topic of climate change and raising awareness through strategic collaborative games using tablets. It was also prominent that Chris was presenting a long-term project vs our recently started project, and hence the topic of sustainability and “beyond NIME” emerged.

The slides of my presentation are available here.

I will next talk about the project at the Audio Developer Conference 2023 in London, stayed tuned!

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Tom Mudd and Simon Holland for the invitation, the CHIME network community for their curiosity about the project, and the StF project team members for supporting this presentation with their incredible work. Special thanks to Luigi Marino for setting up a proof-of-concept of the audio streamer and successfully live streaming from Bristol.