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An Interview with Saloni Shah

by Anna Xambó and Luigi Marino - Comments
With a background encompassing data visualization, product design, and urban design, Saloni Shah excels at crafting innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

1st Advisory Board Meeting

by Anna Xambó - Comments
We had our first Advisory Board meeting where we presented the project to the Advisory Board and sought initial feedback.

An Introduction to Alice Holt Forest

by Matt Wilkinson - Comments
An introduction to the Alice Holt Forest in terms of place and data.

Presentation at CHIME - October 25, 2023

by Anna Xambó - Comments
We presented the Sensing the Forest project at the CHIME network.

Kickoff Meeting

by Anna Xambó - Comments
We officially started the project with a kickoff meeting.

We Have a Logo!

by Anna Xambó - Comments
Sensing the Forest has a logo!
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