1st Advisory Board Meeting

1st Advisory Board Meeting

by Anna Xambó

Photo: From left-right top-down, Matt Wilkinson, Anna Xambó, Georgios Xenakis, Peter Batchelor, Luigi Marino, Hazel Stone, Leigh Landy, and Louise Fedotov-Clements.

On 22nd November 2023, we had our 1st Advisory Board (AB) Meeting. We were very happy to present the project to the AB members Leigh and Louise (with apologies from Mark who could not attend this time) and seek initial feedback from them. We discussed the three work packages (WPs) and where we are at the moment.

After short introductions, we gave an overview of the project in terms of concept, research questions, WPs/objectives, team and timeline. Then, we introduced each work package and its status.

The WP3 Public Conversations and Debate was presented by Pete and me. We talked about the website (Anna), the seminar series (Pete), and community engagement activities (Anna). The WP1 Artistic Audio Ecology Intervention Concerning Forests and Climate Data was presented by Matt, Luigi, Pete, Hazel and me. We talked about understanding Alice Holt’s data and place (Matt, Hazel), the audio streamers and mediation of data (Luigi), the multichannel sound installation (Pete), the summer school (Matt, Hazel, Anna), and the series of concerts (Luigi).

The WP2 Community Science Intervention with Forests and Climate Data was presented by George. We talked about understanding Northern Station’s data and place, as well as the main concept of this WP, which won’t start until summer 2024. We also had a conversation about the project control & monitoring (Anna) including the monitoring tools and workflows, as well as unexpected changes.

The session concluded with general feedback and discussion from the Advisory Board. We received great kudos from the AB, which is very encouraging. Leigh commented that it was a fabulous start with the potential to create a community hub for talks/exchange of ideas, and Louise expressed being so inspired by this great programme and a pleasure to be involved. We are very much looking forward to continuing with the forthcoming actions. Keep an eye on our project website and remember to follow us on social media!