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Meet the Artists - Rosa Sungjoo Park

by Hazel Stone - Comments
Meet the artists selected for the summer school. Today we present the work of Rosa Sungjoo Park.

Second Field Trip to Alice Holt Forest

by Peter Batchelor - Comments
We went for a second visit to the Alice Holt Forest to identify the best spots with the help of Max Gravestock for our forthcoming artistic intervention in June.

An Interview with Jones/Bulley

by Anna Xambó and Luigi Marino - Comments
James Bulley and Daniel Jones are an artist duo whose collaborative practice explores the boundaries of sound art, music, and process-based composition. Their work draws on systems and patterns from the world around us as ways of organising sound, creating a reciprocal relationship between the two.

An Interview with Liz O'Brien

by Anna Xambó and Luigi Marino - Comments
Dr Liz O’Brien is a Principal Social Scientist in the Society and Environment Research Group at Forest Research. Her research explores human-forest relationships with a particular focus on the cultural ecosystem benefits of trees and woodlands.

An Interview with Alice Eldridge

by Anna Xambó and Luigi Marino - Comments
Prof. Alice Eldridge is a musician and researcher with an interest in how sound organises systems. Her research integrates ideas and methods from music, computing, complex systems and ecology to advance theory and methods in ecoacoustics, as well as to create systemic music.

Phase 1 - Setting up the streamers

by Luigi Marino - Comments
In this tutorial, I will walk you through the essential steps to set up an audio streamer based on the Locus Sonus ecosystem. This can be useful to stream an audio feed of a nearby or remote environment.

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