Leaves Echo | Qianyi Rose Sun

📷 Photos by Shuoyang Zheng

In Leaves Echo, every interaction is a testament to the balance of our ecosystem. It challenges us to perceive the unseen, to hear the unspoken, and to understand the delicate interplay between our actions and the natural world.

Photo of Qianyi Rose Sun

Qianyi Rose Sun is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Music Technology at Georgia Tech, where she is an active member of the Computational and Cognitive Musicology Lab. Her current research centers on developing interpretable evaluation metrics for AI-generated music, drawing from principles in music theory and perception. As a traditional Chinese Guqin player, she loves to explore how technology can facilitate the composition and consumption of understudied music traditions. Her broad interest in music and engineering has led her to various projects in robotics, computational ethnomusicology, digital signal processing, and interactive systems. She serves as the President of Women in Music Tech, where she fosters a supportive community for women to exchange knowledge, build connections, and thrive in this dynamic field.