Remembering the Mighty Oak | Kate Anderson

📷 Photos by Shuoyang Zheng

Remembering the Mighty Oak is a sculptural reliquary to great oak trees. Constructed with oak and decorated with ink illustrations. Echoing the loss of the Elm in the 1970s, and the decline of the Ash this century, it invites the audience to consider a future where the Nation’s Oaks are no more.

Photo of Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson is an animator and illustrator telling stories through digital / analogue drawing, film and installation projection. Her work process brings together observational documentary with subject research, peeling through layers of time she draws inspiration; seeing what familiarities, overlaps and juxtapositions are revealed. Kate aims to capture the experience of the individual, and how it may be forged by the environment they occupy. Within the domineering context of urban growth and modernity, she is keenly drawn to the rural landscape; it’s cultivation, subtle shifts of cultural heritage, the tussle between human and nature. Kate continues to develop her practice into the realm of non-linear, creative collaborations with sound artists and musicians; for audiences to experience beyond single screen cinema, be that in the gallery, expanded realities, or performance space. Clients include Kings College, The Migration Museum, Ensemble Molière and UCL. Kate studied animation at Edinburgh College of Art, and the Royal College of Art.