Sound Gardening at Alice Holt | Jordan Juras

📷 Photos by Shuoyang Zheng

Sound Gardening is a conceptual framework to create immersive and interactive AR audio installations, which can re-orient urban dwellers in the natural environments within which our cities have grown. At Alice Holt this project explores the creation of embodied musical instruments; which animate and position trees and other Floral entities as collaborators within an audio-reactive music system; and are modulated by environmental sensor data collected by Alice Holt Forest Research Station. As a collaborator in musical experience, connection can be formed across physical and spiritual dimensions, bridging phenomenological and material distance through AR mediation.

Photo of Jordan Juras

Jordan Juras is a Canadian immersive artist, music producer, audio researcher and consultant based in Berlin. He releases music under the aliases PVAS, Available on Computers, NUG (together with Florian T M Zeisig) and marsh (together with Dylan Kerr). He completed a Bachelors of Science in Physics at McGill University (2014), and a Masters of Music in Music Technology at New York University (2016) where he conducted research in personalised spatial audio and music information retrieval under Drs. Agnieszka Roginska and Juan Bello. With experience gained working as a Research Engineer in the music technology industry, he began to develop immersive experiences in 2019 with a practice that explores subconscious or invisible externalities and challenges the behavioral responses that shape our experience. He has created immersive works for the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival (Oslo, 2021), the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology at ZhdK (Zurich, 2021), and the Screen City Biennale (Stavanger, 2019).