Tread(LIGHTLY) | Gabrielle Cerberville

📷 Photos by Shuoyang Zheng

Tread(LIGHTLY) takes the form of a labyrinth built into the forest floor, triggered by human activities. The phrase “tread lightly” refers to being cautious, taking care, thinking before acting, and the labyrinth is designed to make us aware of how we move through natural environments by sonifying and amplifying human movements.

Photo of Gabrielle Cerberville

Gabrielle Cerberville (they/she) is an American composer and interdisciplinary artist turned creative alchemist. She writes with an experimental flair that is at once familiar and alien, and her work regularly blends the lines between disciplines and discrete art forms. Her work is an exploration of communication, primarily between humans and our natural neighbors (plants, fungi, animals, and finding our place within ecosystems). She holds a Masters of Music in composition from Western Michigan University and a Bachelor of Music from Butler University in composition, and is pursuing her Ph.D in Music Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia. Gabrielle has studied traditional and electronic composition with Drs. Lisa Coons, Christopher Biggs, Frank Felice and Michael Schelle.