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Summer School Online Session 4

by Anna Xambó - Comments
We had our fourth Summer School meeting where Hazel Stone (Forestry England) presented approaches to creative responses in the landscape and Johana Knowles (Forestry England) focused on placemaking and audience.

Summer School Online Session 2

by Anna Xambó - Comments
We had our second Summer School meeting where Nick Wardlaw (Forestry England) and Michael Bell (Forest Research) presented Alice Holt from their respective perspectives.

An Interview with Saloni Shah

by Anna Xambó and Luigi Marino - Comments
With a background encompassing data visualization, product design, and urban design, Saloni Shah excels at crafting innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

An Introduction to Alice Holt Forest

by Matt Wilkinson - Comments
An introduction to the Alice Holt Forest in terms of place and data.